Stryker Entertainment is an entertainment company formed in 2008 during the dramatic downturn of the financial and housing markets.  Our mission is to entertain people by providing content that is classy, entertaining and sexy where applicable.   We do this primarily through our video concepts – the most successful of which has been our Tickle Video mini-series collection.  This collection features classy professional ladies with one thing in common regardless of the situation – they end up getting tickled in our famous tickle chair prop!

The Tickle Video mini-series is what we are best known for and will continue to grow this product line and entertain our customers.  At the same time, we will continue to grow our product line with new and innovative concepts. 

Additionally, we offer the following creative services:

-   Video Editing/Production

-   DVD Authoring

-   Consulting Services (including copyright/patent and insurance benefits)

-   Event Promotion

We have a strong belief in character and image and because of this, we will NEVER feature anyone who has done anything pornographic-related or whom doesn’t reflect the classy image or values that we wish to present in each of our works.  It is because of this strong commitment to quality assurance that you can be confident that you are receiving genuine quality entertainment from us and not some cheap raunchy knockoff! 

We also believe in giving back and donate a small portion of our revenues each year to charities and causes which we support.  Among them include the following:

-           The Humane Society

-           ASPCA