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Jemma's Tall and Ticklish

November 04, 2017 at 1:29 AM


This episode features tall Jemma Jordan.  Jemma is 5’9 with size 9 shoe and has very high arched feet.  Jemma admits she is ticklish but tells us she’s never been tickled so bad that she completely loses it, so we were quick to take the challenge.  Mai begins by tickling Jemma’s bare soles with her fingertips, electric flosser, bear claw, feather, feather tip and brush.  Next, Mai focuses on Jemma’s upper body, tripping her up by alternating tickles among Jemma’s ticklish torso, thighs and underarms.  Now down to her swimwear, things get worse for poor Jemma as she’s now tickled by two!  We relentlessly tickle her bare soles, not letting up as she pleas for us to stop.  Mai even holds her soles tightly to help make the intense brush technique more effective.  Towards the end, Jemma’s exposed upper body is tickled from both sides – leaving no side of her underarms, torso or thighs safe.  The episode ends with an interview where Jemma comments on her experience – admitting she has never been tickled that intensely before and couldn’t handle it!  Mission Accomplished!

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