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Let's Break Hannah

February 17, 2018 at 5:32 AM


Hannah comes to us by special request.  She is a very fit surfer and strong willed.  She loves getting tickled, but in her own words, she has yet to be broken and is confident she can handle anything that’s thrown at her.  However, today is a different story.  We pull out all the stops to get proud Hannah to crack.  We begin with the stroke of a feather, but it’s the feather tip that starts to get to her.  We follow that up with a flosser, which catches her off guard.  The bear claw and brush are even more tasking for Hannah, but we don’t let up.  From there, we simultaneously tickle her thighs and torso, then catch her off guard tickling her underarms.  The tickling is aggressive and unrelenting, as that is what it takes to get to Hannah.  This clip features pre and post interview footage at no additional charge.  What she says about her experience at the end is priceless!

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