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Captured Catwoman

November 02, 2012 at 7:25 PM



Cassandra, the star of We Never Stop, is back with her high-arched latina 8.5 soles and insanely ticklish armpits! This time as her alter-ego, Catwoman! Joline has intercepted Cassandra and immediately takes notice of her attractive nylon-covered soles. Joline starts with some fingernail tickling and it becomes apparant that while this is torture for Cassandra... on this night, it's also pleasure! A shock to Joline, she then assaults Cassandra's sensitive armpits and torso with similar results. Joline takes advantage of this rare occurence by taking off the nylons, exposing Cassandra's irrestable soles. She sensually tickles them while also slowly gliding her tongue across them. Next, it's an all out assault with a fingertip/brush combo on the soles. Towards the end of the clip, Joline had to leave, so her underarms are stretched further up and given an unbelievably intense tickle torture, leaving Cassandra both in a state of exhaustion but also extreme pleasure. After the clip Cassandra herself admits that she was incredibly turned on by the experience and more!

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