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Cleopatra's Indulgance

November 02, 2012 at 7:18 PM



Olga with her softly arched size 7.5's has been following the lead of Marise. Marise has been enjoying herself torturing many a lady in the name of Cleopatra. Now it's Olga's turn as Marise couldn't wait to get her in the stocks and have her way with her! She starts off soft and gentle with feather strokes to relax the nervous Olga. Soon after, it's no more nice Miss Cleopatra as she exploits Olga's sensitive soles with the feather tip. She then turns her attention to her tender armpits and torso which sends Olga into a combination of laughing spurts and screams. Her silky legs do not go un-tickled, either! Marise then turns her attention to Olga's soles, leveraging baby oil and dual-brushes to exhaust Olga further. She finishes Olga off by assaulting her already vulnerable upper body. By the end of the video, it is clear Olga is broken, exhausted, and willing to do anything to have Cleopatra STOP TICKLING!

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