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From Drinks To Laughs

November 09, 2012 at 4:44 PM





Jaz Colon with her sensually soft 6.5 soles is at a cocktail party with Meghan Jones. After it's over, Meghan convinces Jaz to have a seat in the stocks, but isn't told what's going on! Meghan starts off with a combination of feather strokes and feather tips against Jaz's sensitive soles. Next, Jaz's armpits get an all out assault with Meghan's sadistic fingernails, making Jaz work up an incredible sweat. With Jaz's big toes tied back, Meghan takes advantage by flickering her tongue across Jazz's irresistable latina soles. Jaz Colon is hysterically ticklish...and she likes it! She admittedly gets turned on by the tickling, which was a shock to us all! This clip features bare, upper and all over tickling with instrument use (feather, brush, nails, oil) and sensual elements as well. This one is a MUST HAVE!

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