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Sensual Texting

November 09, 2012 at 4:37 PM



Italian bella Veronica has highly arched 8.5 feet and is relaxing after a nice dinner; texting away to her friends. Her girlfriend, Priscilla, has had a couple glasses of wine and sees this as an opportunity to do something she's wanted to do for some time with Veronique - play with her feet! Priscilla starts off casually - treating it as a nice gesture of a normal massage and Veronica loves it. Her soles have been in heels most of the day and she quickly begins to relax with her eyes closed. Priscilla decides to take it a bit further with a suggestion of something better than a massage. So relaxed and in a carefree mood, Veronica says ok without even thinking. Priscilla takes this opportunity to caress her soft tongue across Veronica's pronounced arches and her facial expression lets her know she loves before she can even muster a complete sentance she keeps at it. Priscilla admits after the project that she enjoyed this and was even turned on by it!

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