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Flirtatious Penalty

November 16, 2012 at 4:07 PM



Veronica took immediate notice of Vivian's classy pink dress and couldn't help but wonder.... is this soft spoken, shy, Philippian young lady ticklish? Veronica convinces Vivian to come up and have a seat in the stocks, but doesn't explain anything else to her, so she's got no idea what she's in for! Vivian has size 7 asian soles and very smooth, pure skin. Her underarms are equally ticklish - so much so she utters a few foul words which is out of character for her! This clip features bare, upper body and all over tickling with some sensual scenes, oil application and several tickle instruments such as feathers, pens and the brush.

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Posted by Jim on
I highly recommend "Flirtatious Penalty." I used to own in on D.V.D. but the disc wore out , sad :( to say. But I got my money's worth, having viewed this sexy f/f tickling video many times before the D.V.D. died.

"Flirtatious Penalty" ticklee Vivian is as cute and ticklish a girl as an /f tickler could want. As the video progresses, more and more of Vivian's attire comes off and that little body of hers proves as tight and sexy as you hope it will. Vivian does not get topless and, as she stays seated in the stocks throughout, we don't get a good look at her bottom. Still, Vivian reveals the rest of her fetching flesh and looks great as Veronica tickles that hot, defenseless body.

With all due respect to Vivian, though, tickler Veronica is the model who puts "Flirtatious Penalty" head and shoulders above the pack. A comely, barely dressed, very ticklish girl like Vivian is of course more than enough for a good tickling video but when you've got an f/ tickler like Veronica, a gal who seems as though she'd tie and tickle you for nothing were getting paid to be a tickling video f/ model not that much better, the hot time boils over. Veronica's very attractive in her own right and dons snug, revealing attire to prove it even though she does not follow Vivian's scene-to-scene strip tease lead. A very apt tickler, Veronica must be a big sister who honed her tickling skills at the expense of a younger sibling or two. Veronica sweetens her dominance over Vivian with verbal taunts, most memorable when, having tickled her for quite a while she asks Vivian, "Are you getting tired?"

Vivian: "Yes."

Veronica: "I'm not!" Vivian sees Veronica isn't kidding as Veronica continues the tickling.

I recently listed this Stryker Entertainment gem as one of my ten "Desert Island tickling videos" in a post I wrote for the FetLife web site. Don't miss Veronica and Vivian in "Flirtatious Penalty!"
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