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Ticklish Teacher - 5

November 21, 2012 at 12:34 AM



Veronica is NOT happy with the grade her teacher, Priscilla, has given her on her latest assignment. Veronica has become very skilled at tickle torture and knows just how to extract her revenge against her critical teacher. Veronica starts off slowly teasing Priscilla, then intensifies her attack. She gets very creative in her approach too. For example, at one point she employs a hairbrush right on her underarms! Towards the end, Veronica decides that her teachers soles are just too tempting to pass up and decides to indulge herself with very sensual activity on her soft, size 9 soles. This clip features nylon, bare, upper and all over tickling with significant sole worship towards the end. Oil application is used in addition to feathers, brushes and fingernails.


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