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Ticklish Bartender - 3

October 27, 2012 at 4:14 PM



Michelle Lynn bartends at a popular downtown club/hotel in between college classes. One of her customers, Marilyn Rae has really high standards. So much so she requests the bartender to come see her after her shift is up to discuss her feedback on the last drink she served her. Marilyn is less than pleased and lets Michelle Lynn know it. Obviously, Michelle Lynn feels bad and apologizes to Marilyn, but she has other plans in mind. In particular, she's more interested in tickling not just her creamy soft 7.5 soles, but her tender torso that's extremely fit and slim. When asked what she can do, She's nervous about the prospect of being tickled, but Marilyn doesn't care! Michelle is a moderate laugher with spirts of giggling.

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