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Nurse Betty's Torture

November 02, 2012 at 7:09 PM



Nurse Betty with her exposed size 8 soles and tender underarms is pretty proud of herself - tickling many young ladies as part of her "tickle therapy" treatments. Marise takes exception to this because she feels she's the best tickler out there. Determined to break Nurse Betty, she enlists the help of Olga and begin by teasing her exposed soles with feathers/tips. Next, they move their assault to the upper body and find one of her most sensitive areas - her underarms! They exploit this while taunting her. Marise is the aggressor and Olga simply follows her lead. Exhausted, Marise helps put the finishing touches by applying oil to the nurses soles and they tag team her poor feet without any mercy whatsoever! Does the nurse fall? Watch and find out!

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