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The Dress - 2

December 04, 2012 at 1:17 PM


Angelina is a very tall, 6'0 young lady with size 11 feet. She takes pride in knowing that she is the dominant woman in her group of friends - never perceiving anyone as a threat. She caught Angelina using her dress and since she doesn't perceive Miss J as a threat, she cops an attitude. Well, we all know Miss J won't let that one go unanswered, so she even brings Veronica in for added support. It starts off exposing her sensitive nylon-covered soles, provoking some good giggles and laughter. They then double team Angelina's underarms and it sends her into hysterics. The girls do not let up, either. Next, the nylons are lost, exposing her large but soft soles. The double team is unrelenting and Angelina cannot hold on, going into fits of uncontrollable laughter. Miss J and Veronica use their fingernails, brushes and feathers to curve Angelina's attitude. Will Angelina be able to handle it....or will she fall......? This clip features nylon, bare, upper body and all over tickling with sensual scenes as well.

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