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I Lost My Voice

October 19, 2012 at 8:49 PM



Mina knew she was deathly ticklish but didn't know the severity that she'd be tickled when Cinea and Marise team up for the first time against the unsuspecting Mina.  The duo wastes no time letting her have it and it's apparant that Mina is embarassed at how ticklish she is.  She pleads, screams and has spirts of laughter beyond her control.  Her pleas, however, go unheard as Cinea and Marise do not let up in their assault!  They tag team both sides of her upper body, work over each sole and even tickle both areas at the same time!  The tickling was so bad Mina actually called me a couple days later to say she practically had lost her voice and it took the weekend to really get it back!  The two prove to be quite the team together.  This clip features nylon, bare, upper body and all over tickling.  Oil is used along with nails, feathers, tips and brushes.

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