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A Year Of Vengeance

November 27, 2012 at 2:17 PM



This is the much-requested sequel to the hit clip, Off The Street, which came out in late 2010. Miss J is back, only this time she is on the receiving end. Marise loves the fact Miss J is tall at 5'11 and has size 10.5 soles. She remembers the sadistic way in which Miss J tickled her and she's had a whole year to think about the perfect way to execute her revenge! She doesn't come empty handed though and enlists the assistance of our latest apprentice, Veronica! They realize Miss J is big, so they double team her in every scene. First they start with her bare latina soles. Then they move up to each side of her extremely ticklish underarms and torso. Her struggling is futile because the ladies are unrelenting in their torture no matter which way she turns. They even take a few minutes to exploit her soles with some sensual tongue action. It's very clear Miss J loves it, but Marise and Veronica are sure not to let her enjoy it too much as they go all out to break this tall latina beauty. This clip features bare, upper body and all over tickling with multiple instruments, some sensuality and of course some oil applications to enhance it.

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